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 [GS] Aplication

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[GS] Aplication Empty
PostSubject: [GS] Aplication   [GS] Aplication EmptyTue Apr 10, 2012 5:29 pm

Dear Staff,

My name is Andrew (Ingame name Dark-Spectral)

I am 19 years Old

Shaiya is a game i play most of the Day its fun i love it Razz

Why you should choose me as GS?
Well the reason why is becuz i had alot of Exp as a Gs i been Gs most of the time I love Helping i have alot of fun on this server its a blast

I want to be [GS] to get to help out all the players ingame

so i think i can help people with any problem that they have.

I have so much fun playing Shaiya private servers, i have played atleast 13 diffrent servers as a GS
I will Listen to the rules and respect all players and staff

I know how to be a [GS]&[GM] an on GM if Players I think that should be punished id ask Admin or Owner if i should punish him or not

I dont mean like (Perm) ban or anything like that i mean like i will put them in jail or ban them for 24 or more hours
or i will just kick from game and warm then one more time
they should learn when they has to log back in
when they dont do something bad but not that bad ill either silence them or Stop them from walking anywhere
If i get picked i promise to have fun help and make events if so Razz

So plz write me back if im pick
From Dark-Spectral
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[GS] Aplication
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