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 [GM] Aplication

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PostSubject: [GM] Aplication   [GM] Aplication EmptySat Apr 07, 2012 4:29 am

Hello Team,

My name is Loo93 ( NINO) ingame.

am 23 years old.

And i love to play shaiya, i mostly play like 2-5 hours an day.
In the weekend its dubble sometimes even triple.

Why you need to choose me as GS or higher?
Well the reason why you need to choose me is because i am verry experied in the Shaiya game and i have been all ranks your can be,
except ADMIN.

The reason why i apply for [GS] is because i love to help people, and i have like 6 years experience in real shaiya and 2 year in private servers.

so i think i can help people with any problem that they have.

I love to play Shaiya private servers, i have played in WoS and i was GM there till i was a little time afk because personal reasons
I will respect the rules and help people with respecting them.

I know of being an [GS] (Game Sage) [GM] (Game Master) [AGS] (Advanced Game Sage) [AGM] (Advanced Game Master) that some people want to get punished
but i will first warn them like 4 times and than i will tell it the admin, when he say i can punish him i will punish him.

With punish i dont mean ban (perm) but i will put them in jail or ban them for 24 or more hours.
or i will just kick from game with the command /kick
so he needs to logg in again and i think he understands why he got kicked
when they dont do much wrong i will just silence them or let them stop from moving.

Like i said i am realy enthusiastic about the Server and i would love to get in the staff team.
When i am in the staff member i will do every event, like MM(monster madness), H&S(hide & Seek), LMS(Last man standing) and more events.
I know all the command off GM so i know what to do.

send me a message on the forum

Regards loo93 (NINO)
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[GM] Aplication
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